Why a fresher should write on a Blog to get a Job ? #fresherz

What is it essential to write on a blog for #fresherz
Talking of numbers each year approximately 25-30 Lac students graduate from their respective colleges to join the workforce of the country. Majority of them are engineers, about 22 Lacs of them bustling with vigor and energy to become a part of India’s competitive labor market. Large no. of candidates apply for limited vacancies across the industry, therefore it is pertinent to develop a tool which will highlight you in the mindboggling mob of job seekers.

An ingenious way can be blogging few words on yourself. It is a no brainer, that when you’re applying for a job, the intrinsic idea which every interviewee have when they go for an interview is that they’ve to ‘sell’ themselves to the interviewer or the employer. People, especially fresh graduates do have inhibitions talking about themselves in an interview setup, so one must write blogs to tell the fraternity of employers what you’re made of.

  1. Show them your USP: I know talking is something which young people don’t actually relish. Blogs give you a pedestal to convince employers of your ingrained ingredients. You can write on your ideology towards life, various current happenings in the industry and market. This justifies to the employer that you’re in vogue of the relevant stuff.
  2. Develop your professional network: You can build a professional network among your peers in the industry. Write about your idea; try to impress your prospective readers with your thoughts on the market trends.  Just remember three key words when you write blogs:
    1. Formulate
    2. Ideate
    3. Articulate
  3. Give more credence to your blogs than your resume: On an average a talent acquisition executive skim through countless resumes in a day. Hence, the amount of time spent on your resumes is actually a fraction of a second. Veritably, a second or two are not enough for the talent acquisition guys to judge your skills and talents, although that is the part of his job. No matter how creative your resume is, it seldom does you any favor. Therefore, you must use your creative tools to draft a blog where you can advertise your skills and knowledge in a lucid manner.
  4. Highlight yourself: Try to imagine job market at the entry level in our country. You can see millions of job seeker jostling with each other to get an employment. It is like the much revered Kumbh Mela of Kaashi, where one face is indistinguishable from others. Sadly, this is what happens in various entry level jobs, where it near impossible for employers to identify skills of countless job aspirants. Bloggers can surely get an upper hand over non bloggers; having a blog post will help you to create a niche of yourself.
  5. Quality of your Blog:   Writing blogs will definitely give you a robust head start in your sojourn of job search. It is very essential for you to know your subject matter well. You must sharpen your skills; creating content to your advantage will definitely aid you more so if your job search becomes a stretched process.
  6. Build your brand: Nowadays, there is a distinct spurt in trend of branding oneself; job seekers other than a resume are now creating video resumes, portfolios to brand themselves amidst the employer community. You can also carve your own portfolio, and what is better than to post your blogs on your  profile. Share your fully updated Youth4work profile appended with your blog post in your professional network. There are thousands of employers stalking for talent on Youth4work, give them a reason to come after you.
  7. Exhibiting your brand in an interview: An interview mustn’t end with you coming out of the interview room. You may like to thank the interviewer before you step out, for the time you had with her. You can also ask your interviewer to unearth your hidden attributes by reading your blog portfolio on youth4work profile. Always mention the link on your resume to your Youth4work Blog post to make an everlasting impression on your interviewer.  That will help her judge the real you.

Source : youth4work

Team – Fresherz.com


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