Bharathidasan Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli, Management Colleges in Tiruchirapalli Tamilnadu

Bharathidasan Institute of Management

Bharathidasan Institute of Management  Tiruchirappalli or BIM-Trichy is one of the top Indian business schools, established in 1984 in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India. The school offers AICTE approved full-time MBA program, doctoral programs, and many executive education programs. The college is consistently ranked among the top 20 Business Schools of the country ever since its inception

A twentieth century Tamil poet, Bharathidasan was born in Puducherry (earlier Pondicherry) as Subburathinam. He was deeply influenced by the Tamil poet and freedom fighter, Mahakavi Subramania Bharathi, who mentored him and hence named himself Bharathidasan. A participant in the Indian independence movement, he opposed the British and the French. He was imprisoned for voicing his views against the French Government that was ruling Pondicherry at that time. A poet in his own right, writing mostly on socio-political issues like caste, women’s liberation and rationalism, Bharathidasan was one of the key figures in the Dravidian rationalist movement. He was called ‘Puratchi Kavingyar’ by the great rationalist leader and social reformer, Periyar E V Ramaswami.

He remained a prolific writer and poet till he died in 1964. He was awarded the Sahitya Academy Award posthumously.

One among his famous lines is ‘Arivai virivu sei, agandamakku’ meaning “Expand Knowledge – make it universal”. Named after this great poet, it has been BIM’s endeavor to expand and universalize knowledge.

Courses offered
Master of Business Administration – MBA

Bharathidasan Institute of Managemen Address MHD Complex, BHEL Campus, TIRUCHIRAPPALLI – 620 014

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VIT Business School Chennai, Business Schools in Chennai Tamilnadu

VIT Business School Chennai

VIT Business School ( ) fast emerging as a premier management institution located at Chennai, with an unstinted commitment to the ever changing needs of the industry. The School has a system of continuously restructuring the curriculum, admission procedures and teaching-learning processes which have made the courses highly responsive to the challenges of a rapidly changing era. Be it academic excellence, innovative research projects, co-curricular achievements or placement records, each successive batch has been outperforming its predecessors, thereby raising the bar.

vit logo


To Groom and Mentor Business-ready Managers and Entrepreneurs who are Socially-sensitive and Globally-aware.


To be among the top 20 B-Schools in India by 2020

Values and Beliefs

We believe in active participation by the students and practice action-learning methods of imparting knowledge.
We believe in the use of technology to improve teaching & learning effectiveness.
We believe in partnering with outside agencies to manage the education value chain that include knowledge creation and dissemination.
We stand for the value of humility, honesty and hard work.

Programs offered
Two year MBA (fully residential)
Ph.D in Management (full time and part time)

VIT Business School College Campus is in Vandalur- Kelambakkam Road Chennai and Vellore

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ASB: Amrita School of Business Coimbatore, Business Schools in Coimbatore Tamilnadu Amrita Nagar

Amrita School of Business Coimbatore

Amrita School of Business ( is located at Coimbatore. The institute is situated in 330-acres of land.The institute was established in 2003. The major facilities are library with more than 13,000 titles, 187 current subscriptions to journals, more than 6300 e-journals in full-text and 1922 back volumes, three IT hubs with more than 150 desktops, separate hostels for girls and boys, sports facilities, medical facility, canteen, general store, banking facilities etc. The faculty and students of the institute undertake various research publications like effects of direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs on prices, the effect of direct advertising to consumers(DTCA) on market share and quantity in pharmaceutical drugs, and consumer welfare.

Amrita logo
Course offered

Master of Business Administration – MBA
PhD in Management

Amrita School of Business College is in Amrita Nagar, Coimbatore Tamilnadu India

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LIBA: Loyola Institute of Business Administration Chennai, Business Administration Colleges in Chennai Tamilnadu Nungambakkam

Loyola Institute of Business Administration

Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) – , established in 1979, is one of India’s premier management institutes. Consistently ranked among the best business schools in the country, LIBA represents the unflagging zeal for education that is a unique characteristic of the Jesuit Society. LIBA is a Jesuit institution under the aegis of Loyola College Society, Chennai.

liba logo
•    Trusteeship
•    Integrity
•    Respect for the individual
•    Credibility
•    Excellence

Post Graduation Diploma in Management
Ph.D. Degree in Business Administration
Master of Buisness Administration – MBA

Executive Diploma programmes
These are short-term programmes for working professionals who wish to enhance their skills in their chosen profession.LIBA offers diploma programmes in the following areas.
* Banking Management
* Financial Management
* Human Resource Management
* International Business
* Marketing Management
* Logistics and Supply Chain Management
* Retail Management
* Financial Analysis

Loyola Institute of Business Administration College Campus : Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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NID: National Institute of Design Bangalore | Design Schools in India

The National Institute of Design

Design Schools in India

The National Institute of Design (NID) is India’s premier design school in Ahmedabad, India. The institute functions as an autonomous body under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, government of India. NID is recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research under Ministry of Science and Technology, government of India, as a scientific and industrial design research organisation.

The institute offers two kinds of courses:

Bachelor of Design (B.Des)

Master of Design (M.Des)

The 4 year undergraduate program is offered in 8 design disciplines under three faculties. Eligibility criteria for B.Des: Candidates having completed 12 years of schooling are eligible to apply. Admissions is based upon a highly competitive national test known as NID Design Aptitude Test conducted around second week of January.

The Faculty of Communication Design offers undergraduate degrees in four disciplines

Animation Film Design

Exhibition Design

Film and Video Communication

Graphic Design

The Faculty of Industrial Design offers undergraduate degrees in three disciplines:

Ceramic & Glass Design

Furniture and Interior Design

Product Design

The Faculty of Textile Design offers undergraduate degrees in Textile discipline

The National Institute of Design R&D Campus better known as NID – Bangalore Campus is India’s premier design institute located in Bengaluru, in Karnataka. The R&D campus specializes in Research and Development activities related to design and is one of the three campuses that is part of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. NID is recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research under Ministry of Science and Technology, government of India, as a scientific and industrial design research organisation.

Bangalore College Campus Ahmadabad, Gujarat and Tumkur Road,  Bangalore, Karnataka India

National Institute of Design Admission

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Srishti: Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology Bangalore | Design Colleges in Bangalore Yelahanka

Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology

Srishti LogoArt, Design and Technology Colleges in Bangalore

Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology (Srishti) – is a private design school set up in 1996 by the Ujwal Trust in Bangalore, India. It is currently one of the leading design schools in South Asia.

The Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology is a visionary, experimental and curatorial institute of media arts and sciences, that offers art and design education at the undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD levels. Srishti, as an institute, seeks to pull together the latest art, craft, and design ideas and practices from around the world and contextualize them in the emerging Indian context.

Undergraduate Technical Program – B.Voc – 3 Years.

The Undergraduate Technical Program – B.Voc is a 3-year program that is based on the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF- levels 5, 6 and 7). Consequently this program is designed to be industry focused, with exit and entry points each year and aims to prepare its graduates for skill-based careers in the creative industries.

The three-year Technical Program contains modules over each year with learning outcomes that are discrete and independent. Based on developing competencies this program prepares students to transit to the job market and return at an opportune time for acquiring additional skills and further upgrade their competences.


Creative Coding (Bangalore – 2015), (Trivandrum – 2016)
Creative Manufacturing (Pune – 2015)
Design and Build – Interiors (Pune – 2015)
Design and Build – K12 Learning (Bangalore – 2016)
Digital Film Making (Trivandrum – 2016)
Digital Media Production (Trivandrum – 2016)
Graphic Arts and Design Practices (Pune – 2015), (Trivandrum – 2016)
User Interface and Interaction Engineering (Pune – 2016), (Trivandrum – 2016)

Undergraduate Professional Program – B.Des, B.Cr.A – 4 Years.

The 4-year Undergraduate Professional Program – B.Des, B.Cr.A is committed to training students in the various fields of art and design with a focus on cross-disciplinary education. The program exposes students to an exploratory and creative learning process with a focus on experiential learning.

During the course of studies, an individual concentrates on the building of basic technical and conceptual skills in art, design and technology organized under particular Design philosophies and principles. Students are provided with context-based learning in real world and complex scenarios that will hone both their technical and conceptual skills in the following areas

Design (B.Des)

Business Services and System Design (B.Des)
Human Centred Design (B.Des)
Industrial Arts and Design Practices (B.Des)
Information Arts and Information Design Practices (B.Des)
Public Space Design (B.Des)
Visual Communication and Strategic Branding (B.Des)

Creative Arts (B.Cr.A)

Contemporary Art Practice (B.Cr.A)
Digital Media Arts (B.Cr.A)
Experimental Media Arts (B.Cr.A)
Film (B.Cr.A)

Postgraduate Programs – M.Des, M.Cr.A – 2 Years.
Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, offers 2-year Postgraduate Programs in Design and Creative Arts

The program is meant for practitioners who want to grow, develop and extend their practice and fresh graduates who are seeking to add a professional, practical and creative dimension to their existing degrees or qualifications.
Postgraduate Program in Design (M.Des)

This program is for graduates or experienced professionals of design, business, engineering, architecture or related disciplines. This program is driven by an inter-disciplinary engagement with theories, methodologies and advanced skills of Design Thinking and doing. Students can pick any of the following pathways

Industrial Arts and Design Practices (M.Des)
Visual Communication Design and Strategic Branding (M.Des)
Human Centred Design (M.Des)
Public Space Design (M.Des)
Design led Innovation (M.Des)

Further Details on the Postgraduate Program in Design (M.Des) is available here.
Postgraduate Program in Creative Arts (M.Cr.A)

This program offers an engagement with cutting edge contemporary art and creative practices.

With a wide array of practitioners in art, theory and history as faculty, the program offers a comprehensive advisory mentorship for students to develop a well-defined art and creative practice. Students can pick any of the following pathways

Contemporary Art Practice (M.Cr.A) (includes Gallery and Curatorial Practices, Botanical Arts, Arts Management)
Experimental Media Art Practices (M.Cr.A) (includes Electronic and Hybrid Art practices, ArtScience)
Digital Media Arts (M.Cr.A) (includes Animation, Visual Effects and Gaming)

Further Details on the Postgraduate Program in Creative Arts (M.Cr.A) is available here.

Postgraduate New Humanities and Design Program – M.A. – 2 Years.

Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, offers a 2-year Postgraduate Program in New Humanities and Design (M.A.)
The program is meant for practitioners and scholars who want to grow, develop and extend their practice and fresh graduates who are seeking to add a professional, practical and creative dimension to their existing degrees or qualifications.
Postgraduate Program in New Humanities and Design (M.A.)

Students may pick any of the following pathways:
Aesthetics and Visual Cultures (M.A.)
Network Cultures (M.A.)
Public History and Heritage Interpretation (M.A.)
Screen Studies (M.A.)

Postgraduate Diploma Program – 1 Year.
We all share and encounter small and large scenarios that exist locally, nationally and internationally— from crossing busy roads to inhaling increasing CO2 concentration levels in our atmosphere. What distinguishes creative practitioners is how they meaningfully locate themselves and others within these scenarios, and diagnostically initiate new alternative possibilities. This program provokes new practitioners into taking their first steps towards engaging in small and large scenarios by re-assessing and ‘unpacking’ notions that surround them.

The program is exploratory in essence and therefore, does not engender one specific route or specialization to do so— instead, it offers a multi-disciplinary, multi-media space that promotes multiple routes and specializations. Supported by experienced practitioners (faculty) from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, practitioners collaborate to evolve within a professional & dynamic environment, whereby studio-led & hands-on approaches enable creative visions sustainable not only in this year of study, but also beyond. Portfolios are built in application to postgraduate courses.

The pathway facilitates students who have no previous experience or education in art and design to apply into Srishti’s two-year Postgraduate Program in Design, Creative Arts and New Humanities and Design.

PhD Program
The Research program in Art and Design aims to inculcate competency in high-quality and rigorous research in art and design that makes an original contribution to the disciplinary core of design and creative practices with knowledge, methods, perspectives, and concepts. The program encompasses a range of scholarly research, design, and creative productions. Design encompasses a variety of creative fields, philosophies, techniques, practices, and products from engineering solutions to artistic interpretations; from systems design, to architecture and urban design. Art includes artistic and creative works, practices, and discourses that may be experimental, conceptual or critical. The program aims to nurture and develop artistic and design thinking as an inquiry based field of research and knowledge production that in turn inform better practices of art and design. For more information click here
Exchange Programs

Srishti is a member of Cumulus – an international association of Art and Design schools, and ICSID. We have partnerships with over thirty Art and Design colleges across the globe, which results in strong faculty and student exchange program. We accept about 10-15 exchange students every year. For more information

College Campus : Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Admission Website :

Lisaa School of Design Bangalore | Design Colleges in Bangalore India

LISAA School of Design

LISAA ( is a Premier French Design school based in Paris. The design aesthetic and accomplishments of the French in design are world renowned. The French are leaders in Design, architecture and fashion with a highly evolved and sophisticated design sensibility. LISAA is world renowned Private Design School and one of the largest in Europe with over 2500 students. LISAA is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture in France. LISAA already have 6 branches running successfully in France and 7th branch is opening up soon in France. We have 4 locations in France including Paris, Rennes, Nantes and Strasbourg.

Bachelors Degree Courses

Bachelor of Science (Graphic, Illustration and Web Design)

Bachelor of Science (Fashion & Textile Design)

Bachelor of Science (Interior, Environmental & Product Design

College Campus : Forum Mall, Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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MSOB: Top Business Schools in Bangalore | MBA Colleges in Bangalore| BBA Colleges in Bangalore| Millennium School of Business

Millennium School of Business

MBA Colleges in Bangalore

BBA Colleges in Bangalore

Millennium School of Business (MSOB) – is a pioneering Business School having campuses in Bangalore and Delhi – India, promoted by Educomp (India) Raffles Education Corporation (Singapore) for professional management education.


Millennium School of Business (MSOB) is dedicated to providing high quality management education with the fundamental objective of developing and nurturing a portfolio of personal skills integral to tomorrow’s successful business professional.

The institute provides students with an exposure to the corporate world and opportunities to shape businesses of the future. Our students are provided with opportunities to develop the abilities to communicate well across functions and cultures, solve problems, make decisions and lead teams: all essential for an effective management.

millennium school of business-campus


To be recognized as a leader of excellence in the delivery of multi-disciplinary programs focused on wisdom, employability and social responsibility. This will be achieved by focusing on three pillars of leadership-

Constantly evolving learner based pedagogy Innovation in academic and industry based research Collaboration with other centers of academic and professional excellence


Passion for Learning

Management Programmes

Master of Business Administration – MBA

MBA in Marketing
MBA in Finance
MBA in Information Technology
MBA in International Business

Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA
Bachelor of Commerce – B.Com
College Campus : Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka
Admission Website :

ADMISSIONS CONTACT : 080-43418825 / 22


Millennium School of Business (MSOB) is the fastest growing top MBA BBA Colleges in India, promoted by Companies Educomp Solutions (India) and Raffles Education Corporation (Singapore). Our vision is to be ranked amongst Top Colleges for MBA in Bangalore and Delhi India. / Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore India.

Raffles Education Corporation is a leader in tertiary education across the Asia Pacific region, and Educomp Solutions is the largest Educational services provider at primary level in India and several other Countries.

Promoted by Companies with

  • Presence in over 12+ Countries
  • Campuses in over 28+ Cities
  • Over 30+ Colleges Worldwide
  • Over 1 Lac Students Graduated

The guiding philosophy is to create innovative ideas, influencing best management practices and integrating them globally we are the fastest growing Top Business School in India offering UG and PG degree courses in India at the campuses in Bangalore and Delhi.

MSOB is emerging as Top Business Schools in India for BBA / MBA Admission in Bangalore Delhi India. We aim at creating an environment where the students taking Admission to MBA Colleges in Bangalore / Delhi or BBA Colleges in Bangalore / Delhi are exposed to an experimental learning which is a judicious blend of Theory and Practice using innovative pedagogy.

Having group presence in several cities Worldwide with our Management colleges for MBA in Bangalore / BBA Business Schools in Delhi / Commerce College in Bangalore / Delhi. Our aim is to provide students with a solid foundation of management principles and a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship and leadership in a global environment, thereby to emerge in the list of best Business Schools in Delhi,Top BBA College in Bangalore as a leading Institute of Management Studies in India.

Our excellent faculty members who come from corporate background with a passion for teaching with diverse and rich experience of Academic and Industry, who not only make our students excel in academics,just by teaching management definition but also make them placement ready on completion of their Degree

Our vision is to be enlisted amongst Top Business Schools Rankings / Top Management Colleges for MBA in Bangalore / College for BBA in India Delhi / College for BBA Admission in Bangalore. The Courses are designed to focus on providing the students with quality education that is integrated with core Indian values and humanity, courage, dedication and perseverance.

The ambience and serenity of a world-class infrastructure of our campus situated in the heart of the city of Bangalore and Delhi very near to the corporate offices of national and multinational companies gives our students the exposure to the environment which is required for the Best B Schools in India / Top Management College India offering Post Graduate MBA Courses in India our campuses are apt place for exploring job opportunities for BBA / MBA in India. The students who seek MBA Admission in Bangalore / BBM College admission in delhi / BBA College in Bangalore / B.Com Colleges in Bangalore / Delhi campus are provided with placements in Top Companies, and we are known for reputed MBA Colleges in Bangalore with best placement record

We offer MBA from AICTE Approved and UGC recognised Universities like University of Mysore / BBA from Bangalore University * / MBA Bangalore University *. The candidate applying for these programmes should have taken entrance exams CET / MAT / CAT / GATE / SAT / GMAT / CAT or admission to Business School in Bangalore Karnataka without entrance exams can be by applying to MSOB-MAT test at our institution candidates living in distance can opt for MBA online admission and the undergraduate degree / postgraduate programs apply before the last dates for Admission for MBA BBA B.Com. the degrees are awarded by the top Universities in India.

Our Colleges lists amongst the top BBA colleges in Delhi / Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore. We are the Business Schools in India that is best suited to your career aspiration needs from the list of top 10 MBA colleges in Bangalore. You will find all the details on our website to enrolling for any of these colleges which ranking right at the top 20 Business Schools in India Delhi India. Join the Best Colleges for MBA in Bangalore/ Colleges for BBA in Bangalore Delhi and build a path to great career ahead..!

The MBA Fee Structure / BBA College Fee structure in Bangalore is very competitive without compromising on Quality, at par with the best infra and facilities. Get your Admissions for MBA,BCom,BBA Degree College Bangalore in AICTE and UGC recognised University Top Management Colleges in Delhi India for Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore 2016 / BBA colleges in Delhi and experience the new age management programs,

To Join MSOB, download application form for MBA / BBA in Bangalore / Delhi and be a part of the Group with Global presence known to be the Top Management Colleges in Bangaluru Karnataka, Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore / BBA Colleges in Bangalore and Delhi India


National College, Degree Colleges in Bangalore Basavanagudi

National College

National College Basavanagudi ( is located in Basavanagudi. It was started in the year 1945. The founder of this College is Late Sampath Giri Rao.
National Colllege basavanagudi_logo
Padmabhushan Dr. H. Narasimhaiah was the chairman of NES until his death. The college flourished under his able leadership and administration. He also started the Bangalore Science Forum (BSF)

The National College, Bangalore is the name given to two sister institutions in Bangalore, India: the National College Basavanagudi, founded in 1945, and the National College, Jayanagar, founded in 1965. Other related institutions, also called “National College”, are located in Bagepalli,(chikkaballapur Dist) and Gowribidanur.These institutions are managed by The National Education Society Of Karnataka(NES).


The Institution aims at promoting the ideals of Secularism, Humanism and Scientific spirit enshrined in the Constitution of India and imparting Value based higher education to one and all at a reasonable cost.


To realize the vision, our college:

1.   Imparts value based education with a long-term perspective;

2.   Develops in the students a spirit of social service and a concern for the less fortunate people in the society;

3.   Updates the  curriculum periodically to enable the students to prepare for a career or further studies;

4.   Arranges a series of Classroom, Seminar and Workshop based execution to prepare students for the impending competition.

Courses offered

UG Courses

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

PG Course

Master Bachelor of Arts (MA)

Master Bachelor of Commerce (M.Com)

Master Bachelor of Science (M.Sc)

College Campus: Basavanagudi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Admission Website :

JNC: Jyoti Nivas College for Women Bangalore, Degree Colleges in Bangalore Koramangala

Jyoti Nivas College

Jyoti Nivas College (JNC) is a minority Christian College founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes. It is affiliated to the Bangalore University.
Since its inception in 1966, Jyoti Nivas College has remained steadfast to one central commitment, to provide a balanced comprehensive education in the liberal Arts, Science and Commerce, aimed at turning out intellectually enlightened, morally upright, spiritually oriented and socially committed young persons.

Science & Engineering




Arts, Law, Languages and Teaching


Language Learning

Social Sciences

Banking & Finance





Information Technology





Hospitality, Aviation & Tourism

Tourism Management

Media, Films & Mass Communication