Bangalore University B.Com Syllabus, B.Com Honors Syllabus

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B.Com Syllabus of Mysore University




The Best Colleges Facebook Pages

Best Colleges Facebook Pages

The first thing you see when you visit a college or university’s Facebook Page is their cover photo. So you might visit a college’s Facebook Page that features a beautiful, colorful, high-definition cover photo and say, “Wow, they did a great job with their Facebook Page.”

But, while the cover photo is certainly important, the very best college Facebook Pages go above and beyond simply looking good. The best ones engage their visitors with fun photos, videos, and campaigns. They cross-promote with other social networks. They include clear calls-to-action, and they guide visitors to specific initiatives the school is running.

What does a great college Facebook Page look like?

Boston College
University of California Berkeley
Michigan State University
George Washington University
University of Texas Austin
Susquehanna University
University of New South Wales
Boston University
Marquette University
Princeton University
McGill University
University of Georgia
Kenyon College
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Do you know how world’s top universities are ranked ?

The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) publishes the only global university ranking that measures the quality of education and training of students as well as the prestige of the faculty members and the quality of their research without relying on surveys and university data submissions.
CWUR uses eight objective and robust indicators to rank the world’s top 1000 universities:

1) Quality of Education, measured by the number of a university’s alumni who have won major international awards, prizes, and medals relative to the university’s size [25%]
2) Alumni Employment, measured by the number of a university’s alumni who have held CEO positions at the world’s top companies relative to the university’s size [25%]
3) Quality of Faculty, measured by the number of academics who have won major international awards, prizes, and medals [25%]
4) Publications, measured by the number of research papers appearing in reputable journals [5%]
5) Influence, measured by the number of research papers appearing in highly-influential journals [5%]
6) Citations, measured by the number of highly-cited research papers [5%]
7) Broad Impact, measured by the university’s h-index [5%]
8) Patents, measured by the number of international patent filings [5%]
In addition to providing consultation for governments and universities, the Center for World University Rankings aims to provide the most comprehensive university rankings available, which are trusted by students, academics, university administrators, and government officials from around the world.

Source : World Economic Forum

Scientists Invent a New Steel as Strong as Titanium | fresherz

Scientists Invent a New Steel as Strong as Titanium

From shipping containers to skyscrapers to turbines, good old steel is still the workhorse of our modern world. Now, scientists are discovering new secrets to make the material better, lighter, and stronger.

Today a team of material scientists at Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea announced what they’re calling one of the biggest steel breakthroughs of the last few decades: an altogether new type of flexible, ultra-strong, lightweight steel. This new metal has a strength-to-weight ratio that matches even our best titanium alloys, but at one tenth the cost, and can be created on a small scale with machinery already used to make automotive-grade steel. the study appears in Nature.

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“Because of its lightness, our steel may find many applications in automotive and aircraft manufacturing,” says Hansoo Kim, the researcher that led the team.

The Girl who silenced the World | Fresherz | Education

Given below is a link of a Girl who spoke in the United Nations Conference on Environment Issues

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Message to Childresn | Children’s Day in India

Jawaharlal Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru

It is now possible to control another person’s Brain Movements | #Fresherz

It’s Now Possible for One #Person’s #Brain to Control Another Person’s Movements

Here’s today’s fill of futurology.

Researches achieved brain-to-brain communication where one person was able to control the movements of another person’s hand by simply thinking about it.

The study — published yesterday by The University of Washington — involved three pairs of participants working together to play a computer game. Each duo was comprised of a “sender” and a corresponding “receiver,” who sat in a room a half mile away.

In the experiment, each sender was placed in front of a computer game that involved firing a cannon and intercepting rockets to protect a city. The senders, however, were unable to physically interact with the game. They could only defend the city by thinking about moving their hands to fire the cannons and intercept the rockets. Meanwhile, the corresponding receivers sat in a distant, dark room with no ability to see the game and their right hands positioned over touchpads that controlled the game.


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Are ALIENS real | Do ALIENS exist | Fresherz

Do you think #Aliens are Real and they exist, go through this interesting #article and Video | #fresherz

Lockheed Martin scientist on deathbed says aliens are real

Aliens, some as old as 200 years, are real and have visited Earth, a former Lockheed Martin senior scientist has claimed. In his final moments, he provided “photo evidence” while sharing his personal experiences of UFOs and extraterrestrials.

The controversial 33-minute video was made shortly before Boyd Bushman died on August 7, 2014. However, the footage has only recently emerged and is starting to garner widespread attention.

“I do have a top secret clearance,” he affirms at the beginning of the video. He goes on to state that incidents such as Roswell in 1947 – when a military Air Force surveillance balloon crashed – happened at the hands of aliens.

Bushman shared details about aliens, UFOs, and anti-gravity technology – which he says is being developed by US, Russian, and Chinese scientists at Area 51 (the US military facility).

In the video, Bushman is seen holding up second-hand “photo evidence” of aliens while describing them to viewers.

“They were approximately four and a half to five feet tall,” the former top aerospace scientist said. “They have three back bones. They’re actually cartilage,” he added, stating that they had fewer ribs than human beings. These aliens have fingers and toes like human beings.

He went on to state that their eyes and noses are different from humans, and that they are telepathic mind readers.

“They’re able to use their own voice by telepathy to talk to you,” he said. “You walk in the room with one of them, and all of a sudden you find yourself giving the answer to your question in your own voice.”

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The Great Man who denied taking $7 Billion for his discovery – Polio Vaccine

Do you know who this person is ? #fresherz #education


Dr. Jonas Edward Salk

Jonas Salk (Oct 28, 1914 – June 23, 1995) was a medical researcher or call him a virologist instead was the man who discovered the first successful inactivated polio vaccine.

What made it a great contribution?

During 1952 in America polio happened to become a major threat causing diseases to millions of people. This became a solid reason for the research of a vaccine which would prevent the disease.
Jonas Salk along with his team worked for more than 7 years to come up with a vaccine. He was considered as the man who dedicated life for the purpose of research even though he had ample opportunities to become a physician. His sole focus had been to develop a safe and effective vaccine as rapidly as possible.

How did polio affect lives?

Polio is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system. Poliovirus is often transmitted from person-to-person through fecal matter. The virus can also be spread by contaminated food or water or direct contact with another infected person. You cannot completely cure polio, but thanks to the medical researchers and who have found a remedy through vaccines for the prevention.

Polio caused loss of reflexes, deformed limbs, paralysis, breathing problem, muscle pain and floppy limbs.
Back then polio was endemic and increased exponentially. Polio had no cure. Even today it cannot be cured completely, but the symptoms can be treated, but it is not a guaranteed solution.

Why don’t we know more about him?

When asked who owned the patent to it, Jonas Salk said “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?” He denied owing patent for the discovery which is calculated to be worth $7 billion had it been patented.

dedicated life for the purpose of research even though he had ample opportunities to become a physician. His sole focus had been to develop a safe and effective vaccine as rapidly as possible.

Do you know how fishes get their reflective layered skin | #fresherz

#Researchers from the University of Bristol have revealed “a universal explanation” for many of the dazzling #coloured and silvery reflections in the natural world.

The team revealed that disordered layers of crystals that are responsible for silvery reflective scales of fish reflect light in the same way as coloured, iridescent insect wings and carapaces.

The research reveals just how shiny creatures have evolved nanoscale structures that exploit light.

The team also says that humans could copy the effect to produce, for example, hyper-reflective surfaces.

Their research is published in the Royal Society journal Interface.

The very silvery scales of fish, like sardines and herring, are made up of microscopic layers of crystals.


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how the fish skin glows | fresherz